Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with my  services.  As always my goal is to surround parents with that key missing ingredient – support.

Parent Coaching

Sound Parent, LLC offers personalized family support through Parent Coaching.  The phone coaching model allows you to work with me from the comfort of your home or office.  If you live locally, we can meet in my office on Bainbridge Island.  I also offer home visits if indicated.

Through a strengths-based process I help parents develop strategies to meet the day-to-day challenges of parenting.  Find out more about how parent coaching works.


I offer workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Self Care
  • Your Unique Parenting Style
  • Play and Imagination
  • Learning Styles
  • Parenting a High Needs Child
  • Current research on children’s brain development
  • Internal vs External Motivation
  • Respectful Parenting
  • Reducing Conflict
  • Taming the Media Monster
  • Identifying Hot Buttons
  • Parenting with Calm and Ease


Mothering Style: Based on Myers-Briggs, using personality type to discover your parenting strengths.
Nurturing Parenting:
Explores parenting through values of self-worth, empathy, personal power, discipline and humor.
SmartWired: proven tools to explore how children best think, learn, and communicate

Support Groups

Sound Parent, LLC facilitates age-specific discussion groups with topics generated by parents; conflict resolution, risky behavior, boundaries/limits, parenting high needs children, and more.