Sound Parent recommends the following resources to help you find the answers you are looking for.

If you have a child who has difficulty reading and responding appropriately to social cues you’ll want to check out Michelle Garcia’s program called  Social Thinking. She’s developed strategies to help kids learn to make and keep friends and feel successful in social relationships.

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your child’s behavior?  Is your child more intense, more perceptive, more persistent, more sensitive, and MORE OF EVERYTHING?  Read Raising Your Spirited Child and find out you are not alone!

Learn more about neurodevelopmental programs and how movement can effect developmental challenges, learning, emotional and physical health.

All parents could use a dose of self care and renewal to maximize personal effectiveness and well-being. Check out Susan James, Health and Wellness Coach on Bainbridge Island. You’ll be glad you did!

Read the article Parent Coaches Offer Help for the Journey through Childhood

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