What My Clients Say

It is truly an honor and joy to serve my clients.  I feel inspired everyday by their courage and commitment to their families.

I invite you to browse through their impressions of our work together.

“I came to Mary at a point of despair in my parenting experience.  I wondered what I was doing wrong.  Why didn’t my kid respond the way I wanted him to when I tried to use parenting techniques I was reading about in books?  Why did my daily life with my son seem so hard and so different from most other moms around me?  Would my child be OK?  Mary met my questions with her real personal experience and good ears for listening.  She helped me to see that what I was going through really was different, and that there were ways to handle that.  She acknowledged how hard this could be.  No pretending- just true empathy and tangible help. E.G. – Bainbridge Island

“Mary helped me make the difficult decision to change schools for my child. This was an emotional process but has lead to a very happy and satisfying outcome for my child and our family. Mary supported me every step of the way and I am deeply grateful.” Mom in Washington

“Mary has been such a great support person.  She has consistently brought my awareness to the positive things my son and I are already doing and guided me towards finding ways to deal with our difficult issues. She is knowlegable, compassionate, empathetic and an intent listener.  Her professional and personal experience makes her someone I can trust to understand my challenges.  In a school system and society where I often feel alone advocating for my son, she really cares.  With her encouragement, I feel like a stronger parent and continue to try the best I can with the hardest job I’ll ever have.” H.G., Seattle, Washington

“Parenting a 16-year old boy with anxiety and ADDH has been stressful, to say the least.  As a single parent, the responsibility has often been overwhelming.   Around a year ago, I started receiving parent coaching from Mary.  A good friend had given me a gift-certificate which I had held onto for years as an “ace up my sleeve” if things got really hard.  I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer!

Mary Scribner helped me clear away the clutter that prevented me from being the parent I wanted to be.  Parent coaching was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me and I recommend it highly to anyone who seeks a calmer, saner family dynamic.” M.T. Bainbridge Island, WA

“I recently went back through my notes from sessions with Mary.  It reminded me of how I really have incorporated the concepts I learned two and a half years ago.  Our parenting/family life continues to be imperfect and living with a teenage high schooler (as well as an up-and-coming pre-teen) is rough around the edges on many days.  But my partner and I constantly nudge each other to stay empathetic and peaceful (which it’s easy to forget to be!), and we serve as one another’s coaches whenever possible.”  M.T.

“Mary has given me the support, encouragement, and confidence I needed as I raise a high-needs child.  Mary’s understanding has been clarity in the midst of fog and exhaustion.  Whether it is practicing extreme self-care, figuring out effective parenting strategies, setting personal goals, supporting me as I tried to parent while struggling with my own illness, or finding trustworthy and reliable child care, Mary is a gem of a resource, and I would highly recommend her. S.J., Washington

As I look back, I am extremely thankful that I have been one of those parents who has reached out for support.  I have become a stronger, happier, and more balanced person because of the coaching experience with Mary.”  ~ SJ

Mary’s assistance as a parent-coach has been absolutely invaluable to me.  Mary is a gifted, knowledgeable and exceptionally caring individual.  She consistently helps me gain perspective and teaches me how to move forward in a positive direction (instead of staying stuck as I would on my own).  Working with Mary makes me feel I have been thrown a lifeline.” S.M., Bainbridge Island, WA.

“Mary Scribner has been abundantly helpful in locating resources for parents, in supporting parents, and in creating parenting communities.”     V.S., Bainbridge Island, WA.

“Just when I think that I have tried everything, Mary offers me a fresh approach to my parenting problems.  I also appreciate her words of encouragement and the way she reminds me that I am actually a darn good parent after all.” Elizabeth C.,  Bainbridge Island, WA.

“Mary is patient, empathetic, non-judgmental, and an incredibly effective listener, all of which make opening up to her and sharing so easy.  My family has benefited immensely from Mary’s wisdom, experience and sage advice.”  A.W., Bainbridge Isand, WA.

“I feel that the service you provide has great value.”