What I Believe

It’s a real challenge to raise children who are hard-wired differently, have a difficult temperament, or have mental health challenges.  Parents of these children often take the difficulties personally and see themselves as poor parents.  Many mothers, in particular, unwittingly succumb to outdated cultural myths and become depressed because they aren’t “perfect parents.

I believe parents are better parents when they understand and trust in who they are and have specific  strategies for coping with the special needs of their children.  Instead of trying to live up to outside expectations, parents are a lot more confident when they understand their own strengths and values and learn how to shift a child’s environment to suit the child’s temperament and learning style.  The insights help change a relationship filled with conflict and disappointment to one marked by understanding and nurturing.  It does not happen overnight, but it does happen.

Coaching helps parents engage in the self-reflection needed to identify and discard old repetitive, unproductive patterns.  Digging deeply also helps reveal changes that support a more effective and enjoyable relationship.  All parents love their children and want to provide every possible opportunity for them to thrive, but strong-willed children often require a different set of skills and strategies than other children.  Coaching helps parents regain perspective and reclaim energy and hope.

Parenting a strong-willed child does not always have to involve walking on eggshells (for fear the child might explode at any moment) or feeling exhausted (because there is never any down time).  Extreme self-care is a critical parenting practice that must be incorporated so you have the resiliency to do the job and yes, even laugh and enjoy yourself!