About Parent Coaching

The process of understanding your current situation, identifying what is working, setting goals and designing ways to make those goals a reality take time.  The goal of parent coaching is to set you on a course that is unique to your family where you’ll operate with more peace and less stress.

I believe that an initial commitment of four sessions is necessary for the process to be effective.  For some parents this is sufficient time to address their identified goals; others may choose to continue for a longer period to take advantage of the ongoing support and to address additional parenting concerns.  Your sense of completion will be apparent to both you and I.

I will fully support whatever time frame you choose.

“When we solve a problem quickly, the one thing we can usually be certain of is that we ourselves are the same people coming out of the problem as we were going into it”

— Jerome Kegan

What is the Difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy focuses on the past and its healing process while coaching focuses on the present with an action plan for the future.  Patrick William, Ph.D., and Master Coach succinctly explains the difference in this way: Coaching and therapy both deal with current life issues with one major distinction, “Therapy is about uncovering and recovering while coaching is about discovering.”


I abide by the Code of Ethics as outlined by the International Association of Coaches (IAC).  All coaching conversations are confidential.